How to Make a Cardboard Castle?


Drawbridge of a castle

A Cardboard castle

We all like playing with toy castles. They come in various colors with figures to populate them sometimes. But how about making one at home? It will really be interesting to make one and play with it. Let us see how to make a simple cardboard castle at home.

The materials you will need to make them are

  • Cardboard
  • Tape (Any kind)
  • Scissors
  • A tool for poking holes
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Paint String


You can start with making the big walls of the castle. For this you will need to draw two rectangles of  20 cm x 12 cm on the cardboard with pencil and ruler . Now cut them with a scissor. Make the smaller walls by drawing two rectangles of 7cmx12cm and cutting them. Tape the four walls of the castle together to form a rectangular prism.

Next, you need to make a drawbridge. Poke a hole near the middle- bottom area of one of the large walls. Now cut in  a line 8 cm up from that hole and 5 cm left and again 8 cm down. It should look like a flap sticking out from that wall. Now to make the drawbridge working, tie a sting at each edge of the drawbridge by making holes. Now poke two holes , this time near the top of the wall that has the flap. Feed the strings through the hole. You can now regulate the open and close of the drawbridge with string by tying a knot.


You have to make watch towers for your castle. For this, you will need to cut two cardboard pieces of 5cm x 16cm and two that of 2cm x 16cm. Stick them together to form a rectangular prism. To make another watch tower just repeat this process. Now tie the two towers at either side of the castle. The framework of the castle is ready now.

To give your castle some finishing touch, cut V-shaped slits to form spikes. It will form the ramparts of the castle. You can also paint the castle as you like. You can now place Lego or Warhammer figurines  in it and play!

Here is small video of making a cardboard castle.


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