How to Make a Princess Tiara


In the last few blogs we have learnt making a cardboard princess castle, a princess dress for your doll. But what if you want to deck up as a princess yourself and rein in your princess castle. You will need a few things to do so, they being a princess outfit, a princess tiara and a bastion, of course. And there is no need to visit a shop to buy these. You can make them at home with a few articles. Here we will see how to make a tiara.

What will you need?

  • Cardboard template
  • Two felt clothes of two different colors
  • Headband
  • Glue, scissor
  • Silver beads


Take the cardboard template and draw a crown shape on it. The crown shape should have some room at the base. Now cut it. Now take the piece of felt. You can choose any color for the felt. If you do not have some scarp of felt at home you buy it. You will get small pieces of them in the market. Now keep the cardboard crown on the felt and draw a similar shape on it. And cut the shape.

Now take the headband. Wrap the felt crown at the center of the headband in two folds. When you do so, the top of the crown with triangular mounts will show up at the front of the band. The bottom of the crown will be at the back of the band. It will be larger than the front one as the crown was drawn with an extra room at the bottom. Glue the crown to the headband, by putting some glue in the central portion of the band and interior of the fold and gently press it.

Now draw a smaller crown (just the triangular mount portion)than the previous felt one,  on a felt cloth of a different color. Cut it. Stick it on the bigger felt crown. Now cut the back portion of the fold, according to the front part. The tiara is almost ready. You can decorate it. You can stick the silver beads on the crown. You can use rhinestones, glitter or puffy paint to your liking and… your princess tiara is ready.

Here is a video to make a little differnt princess tiara-


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